Warranty policy

If you experience any technical problems, please contact Chef’s customer service center directly for assistance.

I. Warranty policy

Single burner electric cooktop: 1- year warranty, product exchange within 7 days after purchase

Double/3 zone/4 zone burner electric cooktop: 3- year warranty, product exchange within 7 days after purchase, 6 –month maintenance.

Range hood: 1- year warranty.

II. These cases are under the warranty policy:

Product warranty: remedying the failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer.

  • Warranty is free if the product is still in the warranty period which is calculated from the activation date of electronic warranty code on cooktop.
  • Product serial number is recorded on Chef’s system’s product warranty

III. These cases are not under the warranty policy:

  • The product is not activated electronic warranty code.
  • Product warranty period is expired.
  • Warranty stamp is torn, broken or modified
  • The serial number on appliance does not exist on Chef’s electronic warranty system  / Check here
  • The serial number on the product cannot be identified.
  • Products damaged due to improper manual usage.
  • Products damaged due to mechanical impact drops: breaks, bumps, scratches, denting distortion, damp, rusty, watery
  • Products with signs damaged by rodents or insects intrusion or damage caused by fire, natural disasters
  • Intended dismantling, repair by individuals or technicians not authorized by Chef’s

These products expire warranty period, our repair services will be available with extra fees. Quotations repair services see here

IV. Repair, maintenance service:


  • Periodic maintenance
  • Regular Inspection
  • Inspection of technical installation
  • Cleaning appliance
  • Diagnosing and repairing (not including appliance replacement).
  • Maintenance schedule is 6 months period.

V. Service center:

Chef’s products are repaired and maintained at home if customer is in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For Chef’s products in other locations, please send appliances to Chef’s service center or genuine dealer nationwide.

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