About Chef’s

Chef’s which is an expert in induction cooktop area has become a core product and contribute to success of European Home appliance JSC. Until now, Chef’s develops more than 30 different kitchen appliance types, including 6 kitchen hood types và 24 cooktop types.

However one of the Chef’s best-seller products is induction hob. Chef’s cooktop has outstanding design, meet customer’s main requirement: safety and energy-saving. It is designed with many safety features such as: child lock, residual heat indicator, sounds alarm, unique automatic heating reduction system, and smart sensor control. Because we have good deals to buy materials and particle from abroad leading manufacturers so that Chef’s cookers have good quality but their price still remains cheaper than other famous brands.

We work hard to understand the needs of customers and offer high- quality products with diversified models which help customer to provide the most delicious meals and bring happiness for every family.

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CHEF’S induction cooktop is the best buy for you as it makes your kitchen more modern and stylish. Advanced cooking technology helps your utensils clean, shiny as new. At the same time, the air in the kitchen is always cool even in summer.

High safety

Applying advanced technology of electromagnetic induction to heat the bottom of the saucepan in cooking, Induction Cooker Chef’s should not use flame, so absolutely no ignition.

Expenses saving

With efficiency > 90%, Induction Cooker Chef’s converts power consumption to heat cooking. Induction Cooker Chef’s reduces fuel costs up to 30% each month for your family.


Do you always waste many times to prepare dinner? Using Induction Cooker Chef’s in everyday cooking will help you quickly prepare a meal for the whole family in just 30 minutes.


CHEF’S is designed with safety features. Even when you forget to turn off the cooktop, it will automatically switch off after 2 hour. Touch controls help CHEF’s induction cooktop easy to use.

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About Chef's

“Chef's – Expert in induction cooktop, proud of being a Vietnamese brand. European Home Appliance JSC sincerely thank you for your continued support and for the belief that you have placed in us to use our Chef’s in preparing every family meal.”

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