Triple Induction Cooker Infrared Stove EH-MIX544P

bếp hỗn hợp MIX544P
Model: EH-MIX544P
Producer: Chefs
Made in: Copreci - Tây Ban Nha
Guarantee 36 Month
1 for 1 around 7 days
Price: 17,990,000 VND
  • The control allows a mixed layout configuration:

− One radiant heater triple zone and two induction heater with different heater diameters.

  • Key Lock function.
  • Fast boil function for induction heaters ( Booster function).
  • Heat-Up function for radiant heater.
  • A triple zone for radiant heater
  • 2 independent timers
  • 99-minute timer for each selected heating element.
  • Indication of residual heat for each heate
  • Thermal control protection.
  • Protection from accidental activation of keys:

− One or more keys activated for more than 10 sec. -> Switching off the touch control. A warning beep sounds every 10 sec., while the key/s is/are activated.

− With all heaters at zero power during 30 sec. -> The Cooktop  is switched off. If the switching off is due  to  an accidental activation of keys, the touch control actuates as above.

  • Acoustic warning to attract the user’s attention.
  • Pan detection  for  induction  heaters;  After  60  se  with  no  pan,  the  heater switches off.
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