1. Principle objective:

  • Establishing long-term partner relationships on the basis of commitment so as to cooperate and collaborate to achieve the shared goals.
  • Cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit of both parties.
  • Always sharing information and supporting on time.
  • Policy of the fair and reasonable supporting all distribution channels.
  • Committing the maximum protection agent from changeable and competive market.

2. Requirement for becoming a dealer of European home appliance.

It is essential that dealers meet the following requirements:

  • Obtaining legal business licenses and tax number in accordance with Vietnam commercial law.
  • Working in related distribution sector such as: kitchen utensils, kitchen supporting appliance.
  • Having a stable business location which is convenient for business activities.
  • Proving financial potential and having a broad network with vendor, customer in your business.
  • Committing to place the first order minimum 30 million dong on the basis the company gives the discount rate dealer.
  • Other cases do not meet one of the above requirements, but having potential; business conditions and located in the region in which European home appliance company does not have any dealers yet, they are likely to be accepted as our authorized dealer.
  • Director of European home appliance company is in charge of making decision to grant an organization as our dealer.

3. Provisions on classifying dealer

Based on the sales revenue and customers credit in each region, European home appliance company will classify agents.

  • – Level 1 dealer: Dealers reach 500 million dong / month or obtain the highest sales revenue in an area (province, city)
  • – Level 2 dealer: Dealers reach under target of 500 million dong / month or the level 1 dealer obtaining the lowest sales revenue in system.

4. Dealer obligation.

  • The Dealer shall display in store, introducing products and promoting Pr-marketing activity to boost the sales at dealer retail store.
  • The Dealer shall spare a separated area in retail store to display and introduce sample appliance of European home appliance company.
  • The Dealer shall not publish and give quotation on the mass media, not share price for third party
  • The Dealer shall not have the right tp arbitrarily alter the retail price on the dealer media channel as well as on direct sales to an end customer.
  • The Dealer shall cooperate to implemented sale promoting programs from European home appliance company
  • The Dealer shall not be allowed to sell, market, distribute falsified or counterfeit products which imitate company product.

5. Quyền lợi của Đại lý

5.1. Financial policy:

  • Based on the purchase commitments and other cooperation, dealer will receive dealer of pricing for the level agent.
  • This pricing policy is independent in parallel with the other programs which support and promote business for Chef’s dealer.
  • On the basis contract agreement, dealer will be entitled to credit limit and loan term for the level agent
  • On the basis of the results of cooperation, payment history, dealer will be entitled to the better credit policies and debt.

5.2 Support policy for Marketing- PR:

  • You are supported catalogs, flyers, banners, samples product …according to Chef’ and manufacturing company programs. Information about the agent will be advertised on European home appliance company website. We encourage professional marketing of each dealership by all sorts of media including web, TV, radio print and promotion.
  • You can take part in all promotions and boost sales program held by Chef’s
  • You are supported with sample kitchen appliance to display in dealer store (upon mutual agreement).
  • You are updated information about price, products, company policies, marketing programs, and sales promotion materials.

5.3. Support policy for technical support and solutions:

  • You have the technical support over the phone, team viewer program. There are direct technical supports when you require.
  • You can participate in Chef’s periodic training course for product, technology and sales skills or other specific support if any request from dealer.

5.4. Returns and exchanges:

Terms and conditions:

– Available for products return within 7 days of purchase

– Returned with complete tags, labels, and accessories (box, styrofoam, plastic, etc.) with no defect or damage except for items with visible factory defects.


  • Exchange period: 7 days of purchase
  • Exchange policy: Exchanges are granted within 7 days of us receiving product and verifying the returned appliance. You will get an exchange if we identify that an error on our part/ our manufacturer or product fails to meet the requirement stated in contract agreement.


  • Return period: within 7 business days upon dealer receipt
  • Return policy: In case we verify that product and price do not match with the agreement stated in contract, you have the right to return product to European home appliance company. Return are granted within 7 days of dealer receiving product

In the products are ineligible for exchange and return conditions, depending on status of damaged, European home appliance company will consider buying back or deducting product price.

In case products have expired exchange and return period, European home appliance company will reserve the right whether to make decision of buying back and deducting product price or not.

5.5. Support policy for region:

  • The dealer shall get price protection from our company and receive customer’s local information in dealer’s location when contacting directly with our company.
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