» Smart

CHEF’S cooktop is designed to assure complete safety while cooking. Even if you forget to turn off the cooktop, it will automatically turn off after 2 hours. Touch keypad technology helps CHEF’S induction cooktop easy to use.

» Speed

It only takes 30 minute to cook everyday meal with chef’s induction cooktop.

» Safety of induction cooktop?

With innovated induction technology, energy is transferred only to relatively massive magnetic materials so that chef’s induction cooktop does not cause any burn or flame

» Does induction cooktop save more energy than gas cooktop?

A Chef’s induction cooktop is greater than 90% efficient at energy transfer so that Chef’s cooktop reduce 30% electricity consumption per month for your family

» Price on product label is for retail or for wholesale?

Price available on https://www.chefs.com.vn is for individual customer, not for dealer

» Chef’s induction cooktop price in comparison with other brand?

Currently Chef’s offers induction cooktop with the most reasonable price but equal quality to compare with other brands.

» How is dealer policy to delivery Chef’s induction cooktops?

We create the most favorable conditions for dealer to open store selling and delivering Chefs induction cooktops with the most attractive commission policy.

» Installation of induction cooktop?

Free of charge for installation when buying Chef’s induction cooktops.

» Warranty policy?

Exchange product is applicable within 7 days of purchase because of factory’s fault.

24 –month warranty from the date of purchase.

» Chef’s cooktop quality?

Nowadays customers are more familiar with Chef’s cooktop and we keep a considerable share in Vietnam kitchen appliance industry.

» Where are Chef’s cooktops produced?

Products suppliers are from two main sources: imported cooktop and domestically assembled cooktops in accordance with “Germany technology”.

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About Chef's

“Chef's – Expert in induction cooktop, proud of being a Vietnamese brand. European Home Appliance JSC sincerely thank you for your continued support and for the belief that you have placed in us to use our Chef’s in preparing every family meal.”

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